Support Services Overview

Say yes to family support.

Support services are the cornerstone of Say Yes Cleveland. Every student and family can use some help at some time, which is why Say Yes Cleveland offers free support services to every student and family in all CMSD and partner charter schools.

We are proud to offer a variety of support services for your family.

While scholarships help close the college-affordability gap, scholarships alone can’t help students overcome the significant challenges they may face throughout their earlier school careers — challenges that can push a student off-track and unable to take full advantage of a Say Yes Cleveland scholarship after high school.

There’s a Say Yes Cleveland Family Support Specialist (FSS) in every Cleveland school building to connect students and families to the free services they need so that students can be provided with supports to overcome barriers and stay on track for success. Each FSS has years of experience helping Cleveland families overcome challenges.

Families can ensure strong support from Say Yes Cleveland by filling out our Parent Survey once each school year.

Say Yes Cleveland support services can include:

  • Afterschool programs

  • Legal assistance for every student and family

  • Academic tutoring

  • Food assistance

  • Behavioral and mental health services

  • Medical and dental services

  • Vision testing and services

  • Clothing and home needs

  • Technology access and help for remote learning

  • Housing assistance

  • And much more!

Ready to find your Family Support Specialist?


“We are willing to get the word out about everything without hesitation. If there is information, we want to share it. Nothing is a secret. We have the money, so we want you to know how we get the scholarships out. We want you to know that we provide supports, we want you to know that your kids are safe in our after school programs, we want you to know that we have book bag drives, we want you to know that we are talking with colleges and universities about potential partnerships. We want to get all the word out to everyone.”

Jerrald Goodloe

Family Support Specialist

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